Top Tips For Thriving When Working At Night | Decolight

Lighting is essential whether you are working a traditional nine-to-five office job or working more nontraditional hours, but it is an essential aspect of night shift work, where comfortable luxury desk lamps are a necessity for reducing eye strain.

Night shifts can be seen in a range of professions from security to journalism, but regardless of which role you take and whether a night shift is an occasional part of your profession or a daily fact of life, here are some top tips to survive and thrive


Do Not Tire Your Eyes

Sleeping during daytime hours can feel strange and unusual, and many people struggle to get their seven-to-nine hours of sleep whilst the sun is shining outside.

This means that our bodies can be more sensitive to fatigue than they would be otherwise, making it essential to do everything you can to minimise eyestrain.

This means ensuring you have adequate and adjustable lighting on your desk to offset the glare of a computer screen, as well as a focus light to ensure you can see documents clearly without needing to strain your eyes.


Eat Little And Often

The temptation can be to eat a large meal before a night shift so you do not get distracted by hunger, but this can be counterproductive as it can leave you feeling lethargic and tired as a night shift continues.

Instead, pack an array of healthy snacks such as slow-release carbohydrates (brown rice, potatoes or pasta), fruit and vegetables to keep you going from clock in to clock out.

As well as this, keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water, and try to avoid having too much caffeine near the end of your shift as it can affect your sleep cycle.


Take A Nap

Try to take a short nap before your shift starts if you can and during a break period, as it can help keep your energy high without making yourself groggy the way a long sleep would.