How Bathroom Lighting Can Restore Feng Shui Balance

The idea of Feng Shui is something dismissed by many but entertained by others, a Taoist notion that has become popular in some circles in the west over recent years.

Feng means “wind” and Shui “water”, with the notion being that these transfer energy and the key is to get as much positive energy flowing through your home as possible. Much of it is to do with here objects are placed and even creating a long direct line of connection between the doorway and the ‘commanding position’ where you will spend most time.

However, as Feng Shui expert Julie Schuster told Greatist, bathrooms are often seen negatively in this regard because of what happens there involving water, with all its positive energy. “This is because Chi, or positive energy, is represented by water, which will either sit stagnant or flow out bathroom pipes and drains," she explained.

The solution to create positive balance is to let in lots of light, something seen positively in Feng Shui as a source of energy equivalent to fire. However, it should be soft light, rather than anything too bright or fluorescent.  

Not many designer bathroom lights come in a hanging or chandelier style, which is just as well as Ms Schuster advised these are seen as unlucky in the philosophy. She recommended recessed ceiling lights or wall sconces as examples of the sort of light that fits best. They should also have a dimmer switch.

Of course, that means you might want to be thinking carefully about how to Feng Shui your lighting in the rest of the house as well. It means low levels of brightness for artificial light, as well as doing all you can to bring in natural light.

As such, Feng Shui is a wider undertaking that will affect how you illuminate, co-ordinate and furnish the whole home. But with some stylish lighting, you can still meet these aims.