Brand Price Match Promise

The Decolight Price Match Promise:

At Decolight, we value the relationship that we share with our customers. We therefore welcome customers informing us of a more favourably priced edition of our stock found with a competitor. To ensure you always get the finest quality of light fittings at the best possible prices, from the brands and manufacturers that we are proud to promote; we vigilantly compare our prices against other online retailers. This is to ensure that our customers will never have to pay more for one of our branded manufacturer’s fittings with an online competitor, as long as it meets the criteria set below.

When participating in the Price Match Scheme, please ensure that The light fittings in question are identical in design, manufacture and are from a retailer with an approved UK distributing license. Additionally, the timescale offered for delivery must not exceed that offered by ourselves at Decolight. When contacting in regards to the Price Match Scheme, quote ‘Decolight Brand Price March’ alongside the competitors name and website details accompanied by a hyperlink.

With the Price Match Scheme, we at Decolight reserve the right to:

- Refuse a Brand Price Match where the retail price is the same as the manufacturers trading pricing structure for the lighting and Interior design industry.

- Produce a Brand Price Match which would result in a financial loss on an acceptable set of margin.

- To limit the quantity of Brand Price Match from one single customer.

- Discontinue Decolights Brand Price Match Promise at any time.

- Limit payments of Brand Price Match goods to credit and debit cards payments and not through third-party applications such as PayPal and Klana.

Contact us by telephone on 01785 811555 or email our sales team at if you have any further enquires or require additional information on Decolights Brand Price Match Promise