How To Use Coloured Lighting

Coloured lighting can be a great option for changing to mood and feel or an area depending on the overall look you wish to achieve. Whether you choose to use coloured lighting in your home or business, knowing which colours best suit the mood you want is key to pulling it off.

Colour has an amazing ability to impact your mood and emotions and utilising this to create a unique and interesting experience can really help to create a personalised and interesting experience.

Yellow lighting is fantastic at giving warmth and happiness to a space. The warm tone of yellow can help to soften a room and exudes positive energy and emotions which can be great for areas such as living rooms or guest spaces where you want people to feel comfortable and happy.

This goes for orange as well. This can be a little more intense than yellow and may offer a more intimate environment as the colour will appear dimmer and less bright.

Purple lighting is excellent if you want to appear more mysterious or exciting. Whether you opt for full purple lighting or just a slight hue, it can be a great option for spaces where you want to allow people to relax and feel at peace but provide a feel of luxury and exclusivity.

Red is a great choice for the bedroom or for more intimate settings. Red is a colour associated with sleep which makes it an excellent choice for bedtime.

Green lighting is an excellent colour for promoting peace, relaxation and healing. Using lighting accents such as luxury floor lamps that give a soft green glow can be wonderful for setting up a space to feel balanced and neutral and can help to ease feelings of discomfort.

This makes it great to use in spaces where serenity and calmness are needed.