Top Tips For Lighting Your Home Office

So many of us have begun working from home this year, but to make sure we are working in a comfortable and effective space, we need to make sure we have lighting that will not intrude on our work.

With the current national restrictions causing many people to work at home for the first time, having an environment we can work in that is comfortable and personalised to our needs.

One focus that it is sometimes easy to forget about is lighting. In an office, there is a particular type of lighting that is used to help avoid eyestrain and maintain our focus when sat at a desk for hours at a time.

Here are some top tips for making sure your home office lighting is up to scratch.


Tailor It To Your Tasks

Depending on your job role, you may need a certain type of lighting. A luxury desk lamp that is articulated may be useful if you need light in a particular place to take notes or off-screen calculations.

Depending on your home working environment, it may be worth thinking about your lighting for each task, rather than the job as a whole, with your filing area, computer desk and review and organising area all having dedicated lighting.


Indirect Is Important

Glare is a big problem when using a laptop or computer screen, so make sure that your light is indirect wherever possible.

Use desk lamps and other ambient lights whenever you can, and ensure that your overhead light has a lampshade on to soften the harsh light of the bulbs.


Embrace Natural Light

Whilst you will usually need some form of indoor lighting when working, especially as the days get shorter, make sure you have a natural light source around to help improve your work environment.

Keep in mind however that direct sunlight can also create glare on your screen, so bear that in mind when thinking about your desk placement.