Three Steps To Improve Home Office Lighting

The most important part of your office is your lighting. Whilst your desk, chair and other furniture are important for your productivity and overall health, the lighting you choose has a major impact on not only your motivation but also your health.

Lighting, in its intensity, brightness and warmness, has particular effects on our productivity, and the wrong choices of lighting can lead to eye strain, headaches and migraines.

Here are three steps to turning a dark, miserable office into a bright, inviting space.


Take Advantage Of Natural Light

Natural light is your best friend when it comes to lighting your home office. It is easy on the eyes, boosts our vitamin D intake and helps improve our sleep.

If you are not lucky to have a giant window in your home office, there are alternatives which can still help.


Use Three Types Of Light

Luxury desk lamps are the best way to keep everything in focus and help you pay full attention to a particular task. But the key to making a lamp work for your space is how you balance out your light sources.

Typically there are three main sources of light in a home office. Your overhead light which provides the main source of light in a room, a task light which is near to the desk, and an ambient corrective light which helps to soften the harsher lighting of the other two.


Different Lights For Different Moods

The three types of lighting above are useful primarily as you can remove them as appropriate. When you want to focus, turn on your task light, but as the day nears its end and you wish to relax, turn both of the other lights off and just have your atmospheric light on to relax.