4 Rules Of Interior Design You Should Never Break

Thanks to the lockdown, there has never been as much expectation placed on our homes and living spaces. It’s only natural that with spending much more time at home, we turn our attention to our surroundings.

Whatever your experience, it can feel daunting to refresh your interiors. Thankfully, we have some styling rules for interior design to make sure your home looks its best.


1. Vary your lighting

It is even more relevant now to have varied lighting, to help make the transition from the workplace to living space for those working from home. Create atmosphere with depth by choosing varied light sources, such as a mix of lamps, pendants, wall lights and table lamps. Tall lamps are ideal for the lounge, or perhaps illuminate your dining area with a pendant light.


2. Measurements


Avoid making purchases that are unsuited to your home due to size by keeping a record of all the measurements in your home - from floors to the windows, to doors and walls. Keep a record stored on your smartphone for future reference.


3. Refine your colour scheme

A colour scheme might be one of the trickiest parts of interior design, but a well-defined colour palette will help no end with your interiors.

Stick to a rule of 60/30/10 - 60 per cent should be the dominant colour, for example, walls, sofas, rugs, 30 per cent for the secondary colour, such as curtains and side tables, and 10 per cent for accents like pillows and artworks.


4. Add greenery

Introducing biophilia into the home will bring pops of greenery throughout while brightening and softening a room. Just be sure to go for plants you are committed to taking care of, a house of dying plants is not acceptable.

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