4 Expert Tips For Planning Your Bedroom Lighting

Getting the mood right in the bedroom is vital, and lighting is key to achieving it. You need a variety ion lighting for various tasks, from dressing, reading, waking up and winding down.

If you’re planning a new, beautiful bedroom renovation, then you must consider lighting, so we have some expert tips for planning the ultimate illumination for your sleep space.


Layer up

To begin, you need to consider how you plan to use the space, and how to implement lighting suited to the different tasks. The most comfortable spaces in the home are lit in such a way that you can vary the light output.

Aim for three levels of light - ceiling, wall, and floor. This will provide both practical and atmospheric lighting.


Consider location

You don’t want to be trying to read in bed, with a glaring downright right above your head, so consider the positioning of your lighting carefully.

Ensure you place your lights so that when youre reading your book, dressing or simply lying on the bed, they dont shine directly into your eyes or anybody elses sharing the room with you.


Be in control

Use different methods to control the lighting in your bedroom, such as multiple switching circuits to operate different lights, or add dimmers to vary light levels - however, keep in mind that not all modern lightbulbs are dimmable, or need a specific type of dimmer. 

To control the different lighting levels in your bedroom, Neil recommends three different methods. You could use multiple switching circuits to operate the different lights in the room,” he says.


Put your stamp on it 

The bedroom is a personal space, which provides an opportunity to add your own touch and make a statement with personality pieces. Make the bedroom feel special, and in turn, help yourself feel special!


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