Do You Need A Desk Lamp For Your Home Office?

Many working people will spend a significant part of their working day staring at a computer screen, and this can cause problems if that screen is not adequately lit.

The specific form of digital eye strain it causes is so prevalent that it has become known as computer vision syndrome. This can cause neck pain, blurred vision and headaches, and a level of discomfort that can affect your productivity without even knowing it.

As well as this, poor lighting combined with the effect digital screens can have can exacerbate existing problems with your eyes, such as cataracts and problems with the retinae.

Luxury desk lamps are a solution to this problem that can be more effective than ceiling lighting, so long as you choose the right one.

The best and most effective desk lamps will be easy to adjust, You should be able to change the height of the lamp and the direction of the light, to enable you to choose the right amount of light for the area around you.

Part of the cause of eyestrain is that people generally blink less when using computers, especially if they are reading, which can compound eyestrain caused by poor contrast between the text and the background colour of the screen.

A desk lamp can help to reduce some of the glare and issues with contrast, by allowing the screen to run at a lower brightness setting, as well as stop the eyes from focusing on a particularly bright or glaring screen.

This makes a good quality adjustable desk lamp using a warmer energy-saving bulb an ideal companion for your work desk.