What Will Be The Biggest Interior Lighting Trends Of 2024?

As we enter the darkest few months of the year, it’s a good time to reassess the interior lighting scheme of your home to ensure that it remains both visually appealing and fit for purpose. If you are planning on upgrading any aspect of the lighting, it’s always inspirational to look to the latest trends. Here are some hot tips to keep an eye on for next year.

Lighting that adapts to circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythms are the internal body clock that runs on a 24-hour cycle and regulates our state of sleepiness and alertness. Light plays a huge role in this sleep/wake cycle, as it obviously signifies the change from day to night. There is increasing awareness of how we can adjust the artificial light sources in our homes to enhance our overall wellbeing.

This trend may be referred to as ‘circadian lighting’, ‘human-centred lighting’, or ‘tunable lighting.’ It means a lighting scheme that is designed to replicate the natural patterns of daylight and darkness that we would experience outdoors, and it can help to properly prepare the mind and body for rest and wakefulness.

Circadian lighting is designed to gradually grow less intense during the evenings as we wind down and prepare for bed, and then become brighter towards the peak of the day. It makes use of LED bulbs that can mimic natural daylight. 

When we are in tune with our circadian rhythms, it can lead to better sleep and the corresponding benefits of improved mood and concentration levels and more energy. 

Ambient kitchen lighting

The kitchen is a hard working room where we prepare food, but it is also playing a more prominent role in the social aspect of the home. It is a natural gathering place as household members seek out company, warmth, and nourishment. 

Kitchen design trends are placing more emphasis on large islands with comfortable seating and tables where the whole family can dine together and engage with each other rather than with screens. This means that lighting is not just practical task lighting, but also layered for more ambient light while dining and socialising. 

Downlighting with dimmable bulbs are now combined with strip LED lighting underneath wall cabinets and overhead task lighting. 

Statement luxury floor lamps

Lamps not only add an important layer of ambient lighting in a room, but they are also a great opportunity to make a style statement. The sculptural lamp base is a key trend, and in particular nature inspired designs that bring in shape, softness and fluidity to an interior space. 

Textured lamp bases are also popular, such as embellished ceramics or rippled textures that reflect the light and create a depth and richness of colour. To really make the lamp the focal point of the room, go for an oversized base with a bold eye catching pattern.