Lighting Tone And Why It’s Important

Lighting your home may seem like an easy enough task, but putting thought and intent behind it is actually very important in making sure your space feels as you intend it to. 

For areas in the home that are functional and working, such as the kitchen, having lighting that allows you to comfortably see what you are doing while not being intrusive is important. 

Overhead fixtures that light the whole space are best and choosing a white-toned light can help ensure the entire space is visible at any time of day.

This isn’t to say you can’t still opt for stylish options. While the lighting needs to be functional, you can still choose fixtures that reflect the style you desire. 

In areas such as the living room and other relaxation areas, having different options for lighting is a good way to give yourself variety. Having functional, overhead lighting that can brighten the space when necessary is a must, but you don’t have to use these at all times. 

Having standing lamps and side tables with ambient lighting on them in warmer, cosier tones can help to tone down the feel of the room and give it a relaxing and calming vibe. This enables you to switch between lighting options and makes it entirely customisable. 

This can work in many other areas of the home, such as the bedroom, as well as the bathroom. Having multiple lighting options means you can choose the exact amount of light you want instead of simply choosing if you want the light on or off. 

Having varied lighting also allows you to play around with style. Light isn’t just functional, it is decorative too! Choosing different bulbs, lampshades and fixtures all play a part in making a space unique and your own. 

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