How To Use Statement Lighting

Many people choose function over form when it comes to lighting. A lot of decorative lights may not provide the right amount of light needed. Choosing statement lighting to go alongside other more practical lighting choices can help bring the wow factor while still being functional. 

Statement lighting is often used for decorative purposes only but can still help add to the atmosphere you want to create in your home. 

You can include a large, adorned statement light overhead to create a focal point in the room that emits warm and ambient light, but that also works alongside other brighter more functional lighting for when you want the space to be fully lit. 

This also allows you to create mood lighting with layering options. You can use a combination of lights that can be turned on or off separately to set the right mood without compromising on style. 

Large statement pieces are also a lovely way to fill sparse areas and add a decorative focal piece that serves a function, as well as simply looking nice. 

This works especially well in communal areas such as dining and living rooms as it can add style and sophistication to the space and work both as a lighting fixture and a piece of art. 

Statement lighting doesn’t have to come in the form of luxury ceiling lights either. You can opt for standout table lamps or standing lamps that create a more subtle statement but can still be as decorative and stylish as you want. 

This gives you options for rooms that don’t have the space or height for large ceiling fixtures but where you still wish to add a special touch. Choosing the right lighting for a room can really change the entire feel of the space so making the right choices is important.