How To Make A Midsummer Night’s Dreamy

For many people, this time is the best part of the year, when the days are at their longest and lightest and spring is morphing into summer. It is filled with excitement about the many great events taking place over the coming months, both in the wider world and in one’s own life.

Indeed, while some might look forward to Wimbledon or Royal Ascot, others will be planning to enjoy lovely long days in the garden and great days out in the sunshine.

For many, it is a perfect time to entertain by having a garden party, not least because you can show off the finest parts of your garden, but also because there is something truly wonderful about a midsummer party - something designer outdoor lights can make even better.

It is not just that the sun sets later - it is already after 21:00 in the majority of the UK - but the fact that the sun in midsummer never goes that far below the horizon, so there is a long, lingering, magical twilight.

Midsummer parties are traditional in Scandinavia, where it is even lighter in summer and, if you go far enough, the day does not end. But while you can try mimicking some of these traditions - such as garlands, maypoles and midsummer strawberry cake - it is also fun simply to enjoy the warmth and light at its greatest extent. 

This is something you can enjoy all the more with the illumination of high quality outdoor lighting. On their own these lights will provide a fine focal point, but they also add a sense of wonder and magic. No wonder Shakespeare made a bit of magic the theme of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

If the weather is fine, summer can be a wonderful time for outdoor parties. With the right lighting in your garden, you could spread a bit of the midsummer magic yourself and create some memories that really will be worth dreaming about.