3 Top Tips For Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Office

Most of us spend a great deal of time in the office, whether that’s in a public building or a spare room in our home. There’s a lot of advice and information out there about how to choose the right furniture and create a comfortable desk and seating arrangement, but office lighting is equally important to your wellbeing and performance at work. 

Lighting levels can impact your motivation and productivity. Too little lighting can strain the eyes and lead to headaches and neck pain. Dim lighting also affects our mood, making us feel more negative and irritable than usual. It’s also a trip hazard as it’s simply more difficult to see where we are walking and we may not spot that trailing computer cable. 

On the other hand, light that is too harsh and bright can also cause eyestrain, and it can be hard to relax and concentrate. Here are some tips to help you choose the right lighting.

Make use of natural light

Natural daylight helps to promote good mental health and reduces the amount of energy used for artificial lighting, so try and place desks near to a window wherever possible.

Use indirect lighting

The main lighting issue office workers face is glare on the computer screen, which is distracting and can cause blurred vision and dry eyes. Therefore screens should be placed away from direct light sources. 

Use different layers of lighting

You may find that certain light sources cause shadows or are inadequate or too strong at different times of the day, particularly in the winter months. It’s best to have lighting at a variety of levels, such as general overhead lighting, desk lamps for close reading and tasks, and ambient wall or floor lighting located around the room. 

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