3 Lighting Trends For 2022

There is more emphasis on the home for many people in 2022, as we get used to using our domestic space for both working and living. This has led to some interesting advances in the approach to lighting design, an aspect of home décor which is so important to get right, yet can be easily overlooked. Here are some of the new trends to brighten up your home.


Zoned lighting

Open plan spaces aren’t always ideal for a home that is being used for multiple purposes. This has led to the development of ‘broken plan’ layouts, where a combination of physical barriers and innovative use of lighting are used to create different zones.

Areas for specific activities may be demarcated by directional lighting, to draw the eye to a particular area using spotlights or downlights. Different levels of intensity, luminosity, and even colour can be used to distinguish each zone, whether it’s carrying out tasks, or relaxing, with softer, dimmable lights.


Biodynamic lighting

Home Building explains that biodynamic lighting is used to complement a healthy circadian rhythm. This is the natural sleep-wake cycle of the body, that is strongly influenced by lighting levels. The right balance is essential for our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

In order to optimise our circadian rhythms, especially if we spend most of the working day at home, it’s important to make sure we have ‘dawn to dusk’ lighting. This means, stronger, cooler light in the morning when we are most fully alert, and softer, warmer lights to help us gradually wind down in the evenings.


Modern chandeliers

There has been a revival of the classic crystal chandelier in recent years, and a fresh take on this for 2022 is to opt for a bold contemporary design. These are intended to make a statement and draw the eye, whether with simple modernist shapes, or more intricate features.


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