Points To Consider When Selecting Your Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is now a place of therapy and relaxation as well as a merely functional space. Modern designs reflect this need, with beautiful colours and textures and thoughtful layouts. One of the most difficult aspects of the design to get right can be the lighting scheme. This should ideally be planned alongside an overall renovation scheme for best results.

However, it’s possible to make huge improvements to both the ambience and functionality of your bathroom with a few smaller changes. Here are some suggestions and points to take into account to bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom lights.

Consider how much natural light there is

If possible, enhance the natural light of the bathroom with translucent privacy glass that allows daylight to filter in. If it is a windowless bathroom, use LED daylight bulbs that deliver a bright white light and will minimise any gloomy shadows. 

Consider who is using the bathroom 

The bathroom can be a place of slip and trip hazards, especially for older people, young children, and people with restricted mobility. If it will be used by any of these groups, ensure that the brightness levels are sufficient to allow all the surfaces and fixtures to be well lit.

It may be that you also wish to create a softer level of ambient lighting to create a spa-like atmosphere of relaxation and sanctuary. It is possible to achieve this by using dimmer switches and incorporating different levels of light fixtures into the lighting scheme. 

Identify the size and layout of the bathroom

To create a well-balanced lighting scheme, you need to take into consideration the size and layout of the room. Identify where you need task lighting, such as over mirrors and vanity units and near the bath or shower. Also consider the amount of light fixtures you will need in proportion to the size of the room.

An overlit bathroom or one without enough layered lighting can feel harsh and unwelcoming, and it will be difficult to relax and unwind if you want to have a long therapeutic shower or soak in the bath. On the other hand, an underlit bathroom can feel dingy and is also hazardous. 

Finally, consider where you wish to place any accent lighting to highlight decorative features or to provide a softer light while you are not carrying out grooming tasks. 

Choose a statement feature

If you have a larger bathroom, you can add a statement lighting fixture to add drama and create a focal point for the eye. Choose something that fits in with the overall tone of the room. For example, a vintage style bathroom will be completed with an ornate chandelier, while a contemporary bathroom will benefit from a sleek and modern design.

Install a backlit mirror or wall-mounted mirror lights

Task lighting is an important consideration, particularly around the mirror for shaving and applying makeup. Consider installing a backlit LED mirror for a modern minimalist look, or wall mounted mirror lights in brushed brass or bronze for a vintage style bathroom.