Interior Lighting Trends To Refresh Your Home This Spring

Spring is an ideal time to refresh the interior decor of your home with some of the latest lighting trends. As we wave goodbye to the cosy dark evenings of winter and welcome in the brightness of spring, it brings an opportunity to rejuvenate our living spaces with some new lighting choices. Here are some inspirational ideas.

Sculptural statement lights

A key trend for spring is a sculptural piece of lighting that brings some drama and creates a focal point for the room. This might be a designer floor lamp that’s a real conversation starter, or an elegantly twisted pendant light. This can transform the look of your entire room without the hassle of wallpapering or installing new furniture or flooring!

Fresh pastel colours

Pastels are a popular colour for spring, and this season they are very much in style for lampshades and bases. Soft shades of pink, mint green, or baby blue can bring a pleasant gentle glow to lighting, especially in areas where you want to feel calm and relaxed such as the bedroom. 

Multi-functional lighting

There is an increasing acknowledgement by interior designers that each room in our home can be used for multiple purposes. The kitchen is not just for cooking, but also dining and socialising; the living room may be used for entertaining, working, learning; and so on. 

Adaptable lighting systems that allow you to control the brightness, angle, and colour temperature of your lighting can bring the flexibility that you need to these spaces. The light can be adjusted to suit your activity, the time of day, or even just the mood you are in.