How Luxury Lamps Can Make The Ideal Anniversary Gifts

How Luxury Lamps Can Make The Ideal Anniversary Gifts

Whether you have been married one year or 30 years, finding an anniversary present for your spouse can be tricky, particularly when you’re trying to stick to the traditional types of anniversary gifts.

However, have you ever considered investing in a designer floor lamp or ceiling lights for your husband or wife, as these timeless pieces can be a perfect way to commemorate your time together?

Here are just some ideas if you want to wish your loved one a very happy anniversary while also adding some luxury to your home.


- Five Years – Wood

While you will struggle to find a lamp made out of paper, cotton, leather, fruit or flowers – the first four years of traditional anniversary gifts – you might be able to celebrate your fifth anniversary with a wooden lamp.

Metal lamps or those with ceramic stands might be more common these days, but you can add a touch of individuality by opting for a wooden one instead.

Choose a Heathfield Ronni Rich Dark Walnut Floor lamp to add a really stylish touch to your living room. You can even make a wooden lamp more personal than other types of lamps, as you can get the base engraved with your names and wedding date or your first home 

This way, the lamp will mean something poignant to you both and will always be an important feature in your house.


- Six Years – Iron

Perhaps an easier find would be an iron gift, which would make choosing your sixth wedding anniversary present a breeze.

Wrought iron table and floor lamps steal the show, making them standout centrepieces in any room. As iron is such a strong metal, you can be confident they will last years – a great symbol for your marriage too!


- Seven Years – Copper

While you might not want to get a new lamp every year you are married, lamps would make a great seventh anniversary gift too.

This is because it is traditional to give copper on this important date, which is easily done these days as copper is an incredibly popular interior design trend at the moment.

You can find a wide range of copper lamps, with many households currently really embracing the industrial look.

Many people love the look of vintage Edison-style lamps with exposed bulbs and a curved copper stand. However, if this style is not for you, there are many other types of copper lamps you can get your hands on.

Indeed, the rose gold hue of copper makes it a popular choice for many homes, whatever shape or style you select.


- Nine Years – Pottery

For a very traditional lamp, you could always get one for your ninth anniversary, as this is typically when you give your partner something made out of pottery.

You will be able to choose from a huge selection of pottery lamps, so you do not have to worry about being able to find one that suits the rest of your décor.

Pottery lamps are best for tables, whether you get a matching pair for your bedside drawers or you choose an impressive ceramic lamp for your living room.


- Fifteen Years – Crystal

Skipping a few years, married couples traditionally give each other crystal presents after 15 years of marriage – and there is nothing more glamorous than crystal lamps.

You could choose ornate table lamps with a shimmering 1920s lampshade made out of a curtain of crystals, for instance. Or, you might prefer a lamp with large crystal features on the stand itself.

Of course, many people who are considering crystal lamps opt for the ultimate in glassware lighting – chandeliers.

These provide grandeur to any home, particularly if you have the high ceilings to pull them off. A feature piece such as this will be treasured forever and can really bring a room to life, adding opulence and elegance to a house.

There are many types of chandeliers on the market these days – from Art Deco designs to more traditional lantern styles. Alternatively, you could pick a modern chandelier, with crystal spheres, a crystal halo or even a contemporary square-shaped feature with crystal lights beneath.

This could be a good opportunity to really invest in a timeless piece of art, using lighting features to enhance the interior décor of your house and giving it the ‘wow factor’.

Your husband and wife are sure to love it too!


-  Twenty Years – China

Those who have nearly been married 20 years are likely to have run out of ideas of what to present their spouse on their anniversary. In this case, why not consider a beautifully decorated lamp made out of china?

The fragility of china makes it such a precious material to own, so a china lamp will definitely be an interior design piece that will grab attention when visitors come over.

After 20 years, anniversary gifts become more luxurious, with husbands and wives expected to give each other silver after 25 years, pearl on their 30th anniversary, coral on their 35th, ruby on their 40th, sapphire on their 45th, gold on their 50th, emerald on their 55th, and diamond on their 60th.

However, by the time couples have reached these momentous dates, they could have a house full of luxurious design features, including a selection of well-chosen, high-end lamps. These pieces are such investment pieces, surviving different décor trends over the years, you are bound to still enjoy them in your house when you come to celebrate your jubilee wedding anniversary in many years to come.


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