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  • Corbett Modernist Ceiling Pendant - Decolight Ltd
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Corbett Modernist Art Deco Ceiling Pendant Large



Corbett Modernist Ceiling Pendant Product ID 207-46-CE


Crafted with dedicated care and attention, Corbett Lighting brings you the showstopping Modernist ceiling pendant light. Handmade from high-quality iron and stainless steel in an avant-garde Art Deco style, this luxurious luminary will be a beautiful addition to your home. Its soft ivory lampshade is shaped like an annular ring encompassing six sparkling light bulbs surrounded by two striking tones of reflective metallic geometric blades climbing up the vertical design - perfect for any modern or contemporary interior ! An exquisite centerpiece over dining tables or living spaces alike; let this stunning piece add sophistication and style to your interior décor